1. Registration and refreshments

    30 min


  1. Welcome

    15 min


  1. The impact of Brexit on retailers and ecommerce

    Lord Price, former Deputy Chairman, John Lewis Partnership, and former Minister of State for Trade and Investment

    25 min


  1. All you need is casual love: the death of brand loyalty

    Brands can no longer rest on their laurels. Customers are looking for tinder-esque relationships instead of long-term commitment. To get consumers to swipe right, every business must understand the psychological drivers behind our changing mindsets. Find out how to make your brand an attractive proposition for the casual consumer generation.

    Dr. Dimitrios Tsivrikos, Consumer and Business Psychologist, University College London

    25 min


  1. Building brands for the subconscious: translating science into actionable insights

    Find out how using the latest neuroscience research can help you build stronger relationships with your customers. Expect compelling human insights which you can leverage to get closer to your shoppers.

    Cristina De Belanzo PhD, Founder, Walnut Unlimited
    In partnership with Adoreboard

    25 min


  1. Refreshments

    30 min


  1. Making energy great again: how OVO Energy took on the ‘Big Six’

    Nils Leonard, Founder, Uncommon

    25 min


  1. Being ecommerce-savvy in a post-digital age: does ‘two clicks’ really matter?

    In the performance marketing game, success = sales. Learn how to take advantage of innovative ecommerce opportunities, and how many clicks away your next customer should be.

    Panel discussion led by Mike Cheetham, Managing Partner, The Specialist Works

    25 min


  1. The future of voice


    25 min


  1. Lunch

    1 hr(s)


  1. TBA

    Led by Sam Conniff Allende, a multi-award winning serial social entrepreneur, and co-founder and former CEO of Livity, Don’t Panic and Live Magazine.

    30 min
  2. TBA


    30 min
  3. The currency of marketing

    Learn how to improve the customer experience by monetising the customer journey with smart systems, tools and products.

    Led by Paul Cranwell, Head of Client Partnerships, itransact

    30 min
  4. Expanding into China

    What does effective digital marketing look like in China? Learn about WeChat, Weibo and Baidu – and how to offer a complete and satisfying Chinese UX.

    Led by Westwin

    30 min
  5. Now it’s personal

    Businesses have long prided themselves on excellent face to face customer interaction. But as consumers become more time-poor, and demand increases, how should we adapt?

    Led by Rebecca Holland, Marketing Communications Manager, Lloyds Pharmacy

    30 min


  1. Eat more pie

    Learn how to simplify the ingredients of a brief – add whipped cream to market share, sprinkles to brand values and position your brand on a shiny plate. Yum!

    Wes Henstock, Head of Creative,

    30 min
  2. The future of publishing

    Led by Row Draper, Head of Print Media, The Specialist Works

    30 min
  3. Beyond the hype: machine learning and the future of retail marketing

    Djalal Lougouev, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, Ometria
    In partnership with Holofy

    30 min
  4. Bringing AI and UX together has transformed our CRM

    Find out how chatbots, voice and machine learning have change Waitrose’s CRM, and whether or not it’s all been for the better…

    Led by Carl Kirby, CRM Marketing Manager, Waitrose

    30 min
  5. Meet the influencers

    Led by Wardrobe ICONS

    30 min


  1. Keynote

    20 min


  1. Refreshments

    30 min


  1. Be more pirate

    Discussing his new book, Be More Pirate, about the true and untold strategy and success of the Golden Age of Pirates as agents of change, leadership and social innovation. As unlikely as that sounds.

    Sam Conniff Allende, multi-award winning entrepreneur, and co-founder and former CEO of Livity, Don’t Panic and Live Magazine

    20 min


  1. Big wins and marginal gains: using data in a post-GDPR world

    Panel led by Yvonne O’Brien, Director, Data and Insights, The Specialist Works

    25 min


  1. From off the peg to a tailored AV solution

    Meet the advertiser with evolving AV priorities, the stations providing content and platforms, the econometrician with the inside track on changing measurements – and the agency navigating through it all. The panel will discuss how each party can get the most from each other.

    Panel led by David Swannell, Director, Broadcast, The Specialist Works

    25 min


  1. Partner spotlight

    5 minutes per partner

    45 min


  1. Final remarks and close

    10 min


  1. Street feast and cocktails

    1:10 hr


  1. Party

    5 hr(s)